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Ukraine still controls two key nuclear power plants in the south of the country, including Zaporizhzhia, Europe’s largest, but Russian forces are closing in, the acting head of Ukraine’s state-run nuclear company Energoatom said on Thursday. WASHINGTON — For months, the White House made highly unusual releases of intelligence findings about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans to attack Ukraine. news russia Hoping to preempt an invasion, it released details of Russian troop buildups and warned repeatedly that a major assault was imminent. Russia’s financial system has been rocked in recent days by an onslaught of Western sanctions. The Russian ruble plunged to a record low in the European morning. Before its afternoon decision, the Bank of Russia delayed trading in other financial markets.

Texas congressman and member of the House Armed service committee Ronny Jackson on the problem with America continuing to purchase Russian oil and the need to sanction their oil and gas as attacks in Ukraine continue. March The Turkish lira has lost more of its value after official figures Thursday showed that the annual inflation rate in Turkey rose to a 20-year high of 54% in February as the country felt the pain of rising energy prices. Find Important news, a poster of the brightest events in the region, author’s blogs, photo reports and interviews. The latest news from Russia and the world, politics, economics, business, exchange rates, culture, technology, sports, interviews, special reports, incidents and much more. The site ‘Vesti.Ru’ is the main information resource of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company on the Internet. Read Continuous updated news on International, Russia, Politics, Society, Economy, Health, etc.

  • IKEA, the world’s biggest furniture brand, is closing its stores in Russia and pausing all sourcing in the country and ally Belarus, joining the wave of Western firms curbing business with Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Putin that Ukraine is not afraid of Russia.
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  • For the second time in days, President Vladimir V. Putin addressed Russians about his aims in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian-born congresswoman Victoria Spartz accused Russia of the ‘extermination’ of Ukrainian people as the Russia-Ukraine war rages on.

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. General Assembly has voted to demand that Russia stop its offensive in Ukraine and withdraw all troops, with nations from world powers to tiny island states condemning Moscow’s actions. Lawmakers from both news about ukraine political parties on Thursday said the accurate predictions were a credit to the often-criticized U.S. intelligence community. The central bank added that the operating hours of the exchange would be announced Tuesday morning.

  • A cruise missile struck a Ukrainian government building in Kharkiv killing at least six people.
  • Russian Deputy Foreign Ministry Sergei Ryabkov was cited by Russian news agencies on Tuesday as calling the deployment of U.S. warships in the Black Sea a provocation designed to test Russia’s nerves.
  • Speaking at a meeting with his top officials, Putin asserted on Sunday that leading NATO powers had made “aggressive statements” along with the West imposing hard-hitting financial sanctions against Russia, including the president himself.

Denmark has given the go-ahead for construction of a pipeline to bring Norwegian gas — another major source for Europe — to Poland after permission was suspended last year. Yet many of the measures will take months or, in the case of new pipelines and terminals, years. The long-term answer is rapidly building news anchor out renewable sources such as wind and solar. But for now, Europe is reliant on gas to heat homes, generate electricity and supply industries like fertilizer producers. From Swedish carmaker Volvo to American car manufacturers GM and Ford, automakers have announced suspension of their business ops in Russia.

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  • The humanitarian crisis, however, has called their lives there into question.
  • He noted that the U.S. “routinely” operates in the Black Sea, but said he wouldn’t “speak to operations.”
  • The Ukrainian capital is transformed into a battle zone, and President Volodymyr Zelensky warns against false reports of his demise.

Western countries are increasing sanctions, but there’s no sign that they’re working. The most up-to-date information about what happened in Moscow, the Russian Federation and the world today. Vechernyaya Moskva is a city newspaper of influence, widely and promptly covering the main events in the capital, the work of city services, news google the activities of government bodies, as well as top events in the country and the world. On Saturday, Russian troops pressed toward Ukraine’s capital after a night of explosions and street fighting sent Kyiv residents seeking shelter underground. The country’s leader refused an American offer to evacuate, insisting he would stay.

Capitol, earning the ire of former President Donald Trump, whose supporters mounted the deadly attack. Taylor’s withdrawal came one day after he led a pack of five Republicans in a primary race with 48.7% of the vote, just shy of the 50% needed to win his party’s nomination. Ukraine said earlier this week that Russia had already massed more than news ukraine 40,000 troops along its border, and at least 40,000 more in Crimea. Russia says the troop buildup is part of exercises, and has stressed that its forces will go where they want, when they want on Russian territory. Develop reading fluency, media literacy and global awareness with award-winning content, read aloud audio, quizzes and vocab games.


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