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CBS News has witnessed first hand significant damage to civilian housing and other non-military infrastructure from Russia’s artillery barrage in major Ukrainian cities. In Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov insisted on Tuesday that “the Russian troops don’t conduct any strikes against civilian infrastructure and residential areas,” and he rejected the accusations of cluster or vacuum munitions as fabrications. “It’s like horror. I never imagine I have five minutes – I must take all my cases and run, run from Kyiv,” Victoria Hurtova, who left Kyiv with her 9-month old baby, told CBS Miami this week about her harrowing escape from Ukraine.

  • On Tuesday, Christophe told the BBC about how he and a group of fellow Cameroonians, Nigerians, Senegalese and Ghanaians had been trapped in a basement for days hiding from bombardments, unable to escape the city.
  • “The proceeds from the bonds will be used to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to ensure the uninterrupted provision of the state’s financial needs under the war,” Ukraine’s Ministry of Finance tweeted.
  • Meanwhile, the Ministry of External Affairs on Wednesday said that nearly 17,000 Indian nationals have left Ukraine’s border since the first travel advisory was issued by the Indian Embassy in Kyiv and as many as 15 flights were scheduled over the next 24 hours.
  • STRASBOURG, France — French President Emmanuel Macron called Wednesday on the European Union to quickly draw up a new security plan containing proposals to help ease tensions with Russia, as concern mounts that Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning an invasion of Ukraine.
  • French customs authorities have intercepted a Russian cargo ship suspected of belonging to Russian interests targeted by the new U.S. and European sanctions, according to the French finance ministry.

Two Russian SU27 and two SU24 fighter jets briefly entered Swedish airspace east of the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, Sweden’s Armed Forces said in a statement, adding that Swedish JAS 39 Gripen jets were sent to document the violation. President Joe Biden misunderstood things about him, saying Biden should be focusing on America’s interests, in an interview with The Atlantic news nation monthly published on Thursday. As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, the war-torn country has asked internet governing organisations to kick off Russia from the World Wide Web and revoke Russia’s top-level domains . Ukrainian ministers have written to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to revoke, permanently or temporarily, the domains “.ru”, “.NN,” and”.

Some Russian vehicles have broken through and entered the central part of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, a regional official said, as social media showed images of military trucks driving through the city early Sunday. Oleg Synegubov, head of the Kharkiv regional state administration, news russia announced the incursion on Facebook and warned residents to seek shelter and not go outside. The Ukrainian government remained in control of Kyiv, the capital, as the Russian invasion entered its fourth day, the General Staff of Ukraine’s armed forces said in a statement released at 6 a.m.

  • The assessment is that the Russians are worried about the Ukrainian resistance to the north in Chernihiv and that if Russian forces continue to move west toward Kyiv, it will be exposed to attacks in the rear from the Ukrainian forces fighting at Chernihiv.
  • The U.S. believes the Russians hope to move north out of Mariupol up to the heavily-contested city of Kharkiv.
  • Many Russians are feeling unnerved as they worry that their usual way of life is ending, perhaps very soon, CBS News’ Mary Ilyushina reported Monday from Moscow.
  • The images also captured scenes of daily life amid the war in both Chernihiv and Kyiv, with dozens of people lining up outside supermarkets.
  • Thomas-Greenfield warned that the consequences of Russia’s actions will be dire across Ukraine, across Europe, and across the globe.

Ukrainian resistance, supply problems and a risk-averse approach appear to be hindering the Russians. The Russian convoy has made no appreciable progress in the news today last 24 hours, leaving it about 15 miles from Kyiv’s city center. They continue to face fuel and shortages and appear to be behind schedule, the official said.

  • He urged people who were not members of the property rental company or could not help refugees directly to donate to Airbnb’s charitable foundation,
  • ►The Swedish Armed Forces said four Russian fighter jets violated Sweden’s airspace over the Baltic Sea on Wednesday, briefly flying over the area east of the island of Gotland.
  • As fighting erupted last week, the Foreign Ministry advised its citizens to display a Chinese flag on their vehicles when venturing out.
  • CNN cannot independently verify the circumstances of the capture or the status of the prisoners.
  • The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, announced on Friday that it would remove “all products produced in Russia” from its more than 600 stores.

Similar removals were underway in the provinces of Manitoba and Newfoundland, Reuters reported. Vodka, a drink that was popularized in the West by James Bond and that has long been one of Russia’s most visible exports, is now the target of international anger over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In some parts of the United States and other countries, officials are removing news about russia and ukraine Russian vodka from shelves. This line of cars stretched for nearly two miles along the A4 motorway in Korczowa, Poland, near the Ukrainian border. Most of these cars were there to pick up family members who had fled the fighting in Ukraine. There had also been calls to demonstrate outside the Russian Embassy, but there was no indication that protesters had gathered there.

Russia has spent the last several years bolstering its defenses against sanctions, amassing more than $630 billion in foreign currency reserves by diverting its oil and gas revenue. Those reserves can be used to prop up the ruble, whose value has fallen dramatically amid the latest rounds of sanctions. The Chinese ambassador to Ukraine, Fan Xianrong, appeared in a video on Sunday to rebut rumors that he had fled Kyiv and to urge Chinese news of the world nationals in the country to shelter at home. China has refrained from advising its citizens to evacuate the country, as some other governments have done, and Mr. Fan acknowledged the difficulties of arranging safe passage. He also called on Chinese nationals to be friendly toward Ukrainians and not to “provoke” them. Beijing has struggled to maintain a balancing act on the crisis and has declined to call the Russian attack an invasion.


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