War In Ukraine

“Unfortunately, the Russian side is still extremely biased regarding the destructive processes it launched,” Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Zelenskyy, tweeted after the discussions ended Monday. Russian forces moved by air and land to attack Kyiv on Friday, hitting defenses across Ukraine that Western defense officials said were unexpectedly strong, while Moscow signaled openness to holding talks with the Ukrainian government. PM Modi held a telephonic conversation with his Slovak Republic counterpart Eduard Heger and thanked him for the assistance provided by his country in the evacuation of Indian citizens from Ukraine. PM Modi also expressed his anguish at the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and reiterated the need for a return to dialogue. He also stressed the importance of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations. The European Union has slapped sanctions on 26 more Russians, including oligarchs, senior officials and an energy insurance company, in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine, bringing the total of people targeted to 680.

So far, wide-ranging Western sanctions have spared gas and oil even as they targeted Russian banks and their ability to interact with Western financial systems. Officials say they’re trying to avoid hurting their own economies and consumers as they inflict pain in Russia. “If the EU is forced or willing to bear the cost, it should be possible to replace Russian gas already for next winter without economic activity being devastated, people freezing or electricity supply being disrupted,” they said. Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Sunday proposed building two LNG import terminals, days after blocking the already-completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Europe.

  • Calls from lawmakers and refugee advocates are growing for the Biden administration to grant temporary protected status to Ukrainians in the U.S., shielding them from deportation while their country is under attack.
  • To the north, Kharkiv faced fresh shelling and an attack from paratroopers.
  • Given record LNG shipments are already coming from places like the U.S., a total loss of Russian gas would leave Europe 10% to 15% short and facing potentially painful steps to reduce gas use, which would hit businesses first.
  • And finally I think the end game here will have to include Ukraine basically accepting some sort of neutrality.
  • Human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on Monday the real figure is feared to be “considerably higher”.

“All Americans must stand united in solidarity with the brave people of Ukraine as they courageously defend their country against Putin’s tyranny and fight for their freedom,” Reynolds said, wearing a pin bearing the U.S. and Ukraine flags. On Tuesday alone, the Republican tweeted three times with maps breaking down his observations of Russian military movements. And he volunteered last week that he wished he could say more about Vladimir Putin’s mental state, suggesting he was aware of non-public U.S. assessments of the Russian leader’s health. Pleas from leaders in Ukraine, Europe and elsewhere prompted fierce arguments news about russia within the companies about whether it would betray their commitment to free expression if they banned Russian media outlets, according to people who attended internal meetings. As the political and public clamor for action increased, the executives made calls that went further in curbing Moscow’s online influence campaigns than many had initially considered possible. What first started as a trickle — stopping Kremlin-backed media outlets from buying ads on Facebook and YouTube — has turned within days into a flood of restrictions aimed at throttling the Kremlin’s use of the online world for political and military gain.

  • Russia invaded its smaller neighbour on Thursday, drawing international condemnation.
  • Heavy fighting is also continuing on the outskirts of another strategic port city on the Azov Sea, Mariupol, plunging it into darkness, isolation and fear.
  • Canada also announced further sanctions on Friday targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Putin’s chief of staff, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as well as sanctions on dozens of individuals in Belarus.

President Joe Biden in his first State of the Union pledged to inflict further financial pain on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, and pledged to work to lessen the impact on Americans. President Joe Biden tackled everything from Russia’s war on Ukraine to rising prices in the U.S. to gun control legislation in his first, 62-minute-long State of the Union address on Tuesday. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds tried to thread the needle on Ukraine during the Republican State of the Union rebuttal, signaling support for its self-defense while blaming President Joe Biden for emboldening Russia. Hundreds of lawmakers crammed into the House chamber Tuesday night, almost entirely maskless for the first time in Biden’s presidency — although somewhat distanced, despite falling Covid cases. Perhaps the clearest sign that Congress is regaining something of its old rhythms this year, though, was the tried-and-true partisanship that greeted the speech. President Joe Biden condemned Russian president Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine, promising unity with Europe against Russia during his State of the Union speech.

The administration has shown willingness to use its broad authority to shield immigrants from deportation—granting protections this year to more than 300,000 Venezuelans and 100,000 Haitians without a permanent legal status in the U.S. So far, though, the administration has resisted advocates’ calls to issue the same protections for Afghans. Echoing his call on Friday were Sen. Alex Padilla (D., Calif.) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D., Calif.), the respective chairs of the Senate and House immigration subcommittees. Calls from lawmakers and refugee advocates are growing for the Biden administration to grant temporary protected status to Ukrainians in the U.S., shielding them from deportation while their country is under attack. Minutes after the peace talks ended between Russia and Ukraine, a massive blast was reported outside Kyiv.

They’re also speeding up plans for gas import terminals and pipelines that don’t depend on Russia and talking about allowing coal-fired power plants to keep spewing climate-changing emissions for longer if it means energy independence. Ukraine’s Western supporters said they had already sent out a strong message with a first batch of sanctions on Tuesday. They said Russian troops moving beyond the separatist-held regions would produce more painful sanctions and possibly the biggest war in a generation on Europe’s mainland. The president criticized the last administration for its tax cuts but never said Donald Trump’s name. He also didn’t mention Jan. 6, though Biden held a record-long press conference of nearly two hours on the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol.

In 2008 basically Russian troops were outside of Lisi and had captured several cities in Georgia outside of the pro-Russian enclaves of South Ossetia and a positive. I think that’s really honestly the only sane explanation of what’s going on right now. Any scenario that includes annexation occupation hiving off eastern Ukraine just completely ignores duality is of this country. news anchor So there isn’t really an endgame here where Russian troops remain for decades. Where are you allocating that some of that cash or do you hold onto the cash for now. I wasn’t really that comfortable with oil just because there is this off ramp scenario and an off ramp scenario where Russia kind of raises the mission accomplished banner is not necessarily good for oil prices.

The Finnish government has decided to provide the Ukrainian authorities with military assistance, including assault rifles, anti-tank weapons, and combat ration packages, the Finnish defence ministry said on Monday. Amid ever-growing international condemnation, Russia found itself increasingly isolated five days into its invasion, while also facing unexpectedly fierce resistance on the ground in Ukraine and economic havoc at home. The eighth flight carrying 216 news about russia and ukraine stranded Indian nationals has departed from Hungary’s capital Budapest for New Delhi under Operation Ganga, informed External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Tuesday. Jensen set up a meeting, and over a bottle of vodka they discussed the final days of the Soviet Union. Jensen said he was struck by how some top Soviet officials seemed less worried about a Soviet breakup than about losing privileged positions that allowed them to make large sums of money.

Now that Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a ground war against Ukraine that he apparently has been planning for years, many have wondered why he waited until now. After all, the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency were an ebb tide of American power and influence, and Trump himself frequently went out of his way not to antagonize the Russian leader. The U.S. has unveiled a raft of measures over the past several days aimed at knee-capping Russia’s economy newsmax live and undermining Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ability to tap Western financing sources. The U.S. and its allies should create a new global fund to deliver cash to the growing flood of refugees. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich confirmed Wednesday he’s trying to sell the Premier League Chelsea soccer club, with a price tag of at least $2.5 billion floated. He said net proceeds from the sale will be donated to benefit all victims of the war in Ukraine.

Yet many of the measures will take months or, in the case of new pipelines and terminals, years. The long-term answer is rapidly building out renewable sources such as wind and solar. But for now, Europe is reliant on gas to heat homes, generate electricity and supply industries like fertilizer producers. In the spring, tens of thousands of troops were deployed next to Ukraine – and in June, Putin got his first face-to-face meeting with US President Joe Biden.

  • “Despite our repeated warnings and tireless efforts to engage in diplomacy, Russia has chosen the path of aggression against a sovereign and independent country,” the NATO leader said.
  • The United States says it is expelling 12 Russian diplomats at the United Nations for engaging in activities not in accordance with their responsibilities and obligations as diplomats.
  • The parent company of Facebook and Instagram says it is restricting access to Russia’s RT and Sputnik in Europe over concerns the two state-controlled media outlets are being used to spread disinformation and propaganda.
  • The Ukrainian president’s office said the talks’ aim was an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian forces.

He said that there is an urgent and pressing humanitarian situation developing in Ukraine. “Russia has blown a chance to be integrated into the global and European security architecture and economic structures,” Jensen said. “We don’t expect Russia to be Western. But you expect it to be a positive contributor to global peace and security, and I just don’t see that that happening.” At a Kremlin news conference Thursday, Putin said he wasn’t planning an invasion. He said again, as he has many times before, that the real threat comes from NATO expansion into Eastern Europe, and the possibility that Ukraine may someday join the alliance.


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