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Vladimir Putin has ratcheted up his nuclear threats during his war of aggression against Ukraine. His purpose is to coerce Ukraine and its many international backers to give him what he wants. Anyone hoping that Joe Biden would confront the multiple fa

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For example, what if you’d like to cool the house down while you’re away? All you would have to do is open the smart thermostat app to tell it what to do. Some examples of objects that use IoT today include driverless cars, fitness trackers like Fitbit

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Stay up to date on the latest science news by signing up for our Essentials newsletter. In this hands-on review of the Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar watch, we break down the new features and test out the gadget’s accuracy. Cryptocurrencies aren’t just

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Technology allows us to communicate instantly with people in our neighborhoods or around the globe. This innovation not only keeps us connected but can help us live safer and healthier lives. Medical Guardian Mobile 2.0, allow users to set up a network

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Though the company didn’t provide details about what will be discussed at the event, which holds the “Peek Performance” tagline… The technique can help predict a cell’s path over time, such as what type of cell it will become. Researchers surveyed 10

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NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, now under construction, will test new technologies for space-based planet hunting. The mission aims to photograph worlds and dusty disks around nearby stars with detail up to a thousand times better than possib

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This information is important to understand environmental factors contributing to the alarming rise of respiratory chronic diseases in … Most post-COVID nerve damage appears to be caused by infection-triggered immune dysfunction — not by lingering i

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